Your First Appointment

Everyone at Cambie Marine Gateway Dental, want you to feel comfortable from the moment your walk through the door. Thorough new patient examination in a warm welcoming atmosphere is something you can expect for your first appointment.

What can you expect in a new patient exam visit?

After being greeted by our amazing team we will have thorough check up of your Oral condition which includes examining:

  • Teeth for possible caries, chips, wear and any existing restorations
  • Gum tissues and underlying bone
  • Soft tissue and oral cancer screening
  • Muscles and jaw joints
  • Any jaw and teeth discrepancy which needs orthodontic correction

In this visit we also make complete xrays and photographs of your smile and teeth to show the patient the Oral cavity condition with details which helps us co-planning treatment with our patients. Informed educated treatment planning focused on patients need is the target of new patient first exam visit.

How long is the new patient exam?

The new patient exam visit usually takes about an hour which the most important step to proper treatment planning and maintaining a beautiful and healthy smile.

We're looking forward to seeing you


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